Thursday, 17 April 2014

Save Sparrows

This paper-cut animation is my tiny effort towards spreading 

awareness about the drastically decreasing number of sparrows 
in metros like Delhi and Mumbai due to interference of pollution, mobile tower, big birds like pigeons & crows etc.
To take continued efforts to save birds is now the need of 

present time.

Here is the link to one such organisation which is doing that, 

help them save these lovely creatures.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

That dress.

I coloured it quite quickly for the slow mo that I am.

Lah di dahAcrylic

Acrylic on paper.


I worked so hard on this, I believe its my best work till date. I am very happy with it and I am inspired to do more.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Yay! So excited.

Let me know how you guys like it?



Doodled between work.

Hotty pants

coloured finally.
I have this bad habit of drawing things and procrastinate colouring them.
I am quite happy with it. I want to add a background, but I will do that later sometime.

Miranda process

Miranda process.

Monday, 20 January 2014


Couldn’t decide which dress I like better so I kept both.
What about you?

Too many stairs!

Something fun I made for the cool people at Drizzlin.
Our Lunch Delivery boy and his daily struggles trying to reach the 4th floor of 23, Hauz Khas Village. The poor poor boy!

DIY shelf.

Halo people
Here is another DIY for you just like I had promised.
Style up your room with this super easy DIY.
Visit this super awesome website for many more DIY’s like this
and DIY to your heart’s content.

Services video for Drizzlin.

                                                  A little something I worked on at Drizzlin.

Totoro plush!

Totoro guys Totoro!
I finally made my very own Totoro plush.
Check him out chilling all over the place yo.
Iloveitsomuch. Its so cute.
I’ll be putting more Diy’s soon so keep your eyes peeled!

A quick question: Would you guys buy it if I put it up for sale?

Blog design

Something fun I made for the cool people at Hudson Canola.Check out their blog here :

Gif 2

God, I haven't posted in three months,and now
I am going to bombard this blog with posts:D